Two eyes & one camera 


I'm Lucian and this is my short story:

A long, long time ago, when I managed to buy my first DSLR camera, a Nikon D40, my own journey began.

I started taking photos of my hometown city, but my ultimate desire was to do portraits and work with real people. Inspired by Dave Hill and Jill Greenberg, I wanted to create images that looked like oil paintings, and would jump off the two dimensional plane of the photograph. I plucked up the courage to ask a few friends to work with. I tried hard to master the style, bought a new camera (Nikon D300), and in time I learned to play with the few lights I had available in order to come closer to what my favourite photographers were creating.

I felt that I always came up short of my goal. In my frustration, I started to learn 3D software and to model 3D objects in order to understand how to make my photos jump off the page. After many months of sleepless nights I finally managed to get a hold of the basics of 3D modelling. It helped me to understand how different lights, and different angles affect an image. After this, life took me on a different road, and I landed in Canada.

Having to support myself I started to do graphic design, and web design. While I was doing this I couldn't find the same satisfaction as I did when I was doing photography. But looking back, I can see that learning how to brand helped me to understand how to embed in one photo a stronger message, and also that this is possible.

While I was designing a logo for one of my clients, an opportunity to do video-recording presented itself. I was to create a "behind-the-scenes" of making a table of exotic wood. In that moment I fell in love with videography. I was recording everything I could, and after a little while I started to want to create stories through images. The experience of pulling together people and props, finding locations, and the feeling of creating something through their amalgamation was amazing. Videography gave me a great opportunity to pull together all the knowledge I had accumulated since high school into one product. All this was wonderful, until I realize that something was missing. I was missing the peace that photography gave me.

Still photography offered me this beautiful feeling that I can embed so much emotion and message and all of myself in one single photo, one single piece of paper.


If you decide to work with me, it will be more than a business environment, it will be a friendly approach where I take my passions and put them into your service so that the final product will communicate the feeling you’re looking for.

How it Works

I will listen to your needs. I will be thorough with my questions, collecting all the information necessary in order to understand your message and create a powerful product.

Reach Me Anytime

I would love to hear from you about any projects or ideas, so please don’t hesitate to contact me.

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