Julie & Paul

"I am beyond surprised and truly touched by the work you have done for us. These are precious memories you have captured! Thank you from the bottom of my heart! "

Author Jennifer Venner

"Lucian is exceptionally professional with very high standards. He is a very good collaborator with his colleagues and listens carefully to the client. His vision is strong and his aesthetic sensibility very well-developed."

Leanna Cappiello

"Capturing my essence, the brilliantly talented Lucian"

Sherry & Hitesh

"OMG !!!

I saw the email in the morning but then we decided to wait and see it together, so i had to wait allll day..... and wow!!!! An amazing job!!! It's like we're movie stars :D

I like how the voice overs and the scene in the dark with me and my dad. The ceremony... everything is beautiful...


Felicia Albina

"Just watched the opera finally - ... its amazing!! Such amazing quality and great sound and lovely cutting its really really really top notch."

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